BIO PURE is a Coconut Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) fuel derived from coconut oil. It is non- toxic and biodegradable with significantly less emissions than petroleum or fossil fuel-based diesel.

Company Background. Pure Essence International, Inc. started operations in 1995. The company has been producing soap noodles from different oil blends, as well as quality bath soaps. As part of the expansion effort, the company set up a new production line to produce Coco Methyl Ester.
Products & Capabilities
   Non-Food Products   Food Products
• Biodiesel/Coco Methyl Ester (CME)
• Soap Noodles
• Toilet Soap / Bath Soap
• Detergent Bars, Powder, Liquids
• Liquids
  - Oils, Soy Sauce, Catsup
What is Biodiesel?
Biodiesel is fuel derived from plant oils. It can be immediately used by diesel engine vehicles and machines. » more
Study on Coco-Biodiesel
Comprehensive study by the Department of Agriculture - Philippine Coconut Authority on Coco-Biodiesel » view PDF file 
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